Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's TRUE, There are TWO!

2016 doesn't get any better than this!!!

YES!!! Finally, the time has come!!!

NWA Radio starts off 2016 with Urban Jazz, R & B, Hip Hop and Soul....from 2 URBAN RADIO STATIONS!!! 

Right ON!!!

Fayetteville residents are in for a Musical Awakening! Not only do we have Urban Music to listen to, but make it TWO Urban Radio Stations!

KDIV or 98.7, a Black Owned & Operated radio station under the management of Reginald Brasfield started streaming 98.7 last week in anticipation of their launch date which occurred on New Years Day 1/1/16.

Reginald Brasfield (r) of KDIV, Fayetteville and LaGanzie Kale (l) of KLEK, Jonesboro

Meanwhile, under the leadership of Pastor Marcus Carruthers, KISS 105.3 was born to NWA with the help of Perry Publishing Company of Oklahoma.

Marcus Carruthers and Perry Publishing Staff

Therefore, NWA fans have a taste of Urban Music from 2 (TWO) stations!!!!

Get your JAMS all DAY long with the latest in Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, R & B, and more!

What you waiting for??

Tune in to 98.7 KDIV and look for it on Facebook, Voice of Diversity.
Tune in to 105.3 KISS and look for it on Facebook,  KISS NWA.

Northwest Arkansas FANS have SPOKEN!


Our Time has come! 2016 is our Music YEAR!

Happy New Year 2016!!!

by Leora Jackson

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